Welcome to the official website of Milford Athletic Football Club

2008 –


We are a Junior football club for boys and girls of all abilities, aged between 5 and 16.

Based in Stafford, Milford Athletic FC are affiliated with the Staffordshire Football Association and are a competitive football club, providing training and matches.

Our website provides the very latest club news and updates for all of our teams and age groups as well as information on how to contact us and where we hold our training and events.

Milford Athletic Football Club was founded in 2008 on one simple principle: “Children throughout the local area would have the opportunity to play football”.

On Saturday 6th December 2008, the football club was officially established and a free coaching session was delivered in Stafford to boys and girls aged between 4 and 12.

Over 25 children attended the session on a cold, frosty morning, followed up by an additional session held at one of the local schools.

The number of children attending this session reduced dramatically, but following a lot of hard work and determination, future sessions began to flourish and within 18 months the club introduced aged based sessions, matches and soccer camps for over 200 children.

The club has been built on its reputation for being a successful, locally funded club, for children of all ages and abilities, where the message is quite simply ‘enjoyment’.


Please find below the latest documentation from Milford Athletic FC and The FA relating to Covid-19.

Our Training Centres

We have a number of different training and match locations throughout Stafford and the addresses of these are displayed below. We train on different days and at different times of the week. The location depends on the age group of the players. For information relating to training and match timings please use our Contact Page to contact the necessary manager and/or coaches.

To check our training dates and times, please use our contact page and check the schedule with our coaches prior to arrival.